Jetboil MiniMo review

JetBoil MiniMo small canister cooking system for wall climbers etc

If you’ve used Jetboil or something like this before, forget everything you knew about integrated systems. The new MiniMo model from Jetboil expands the idea of this type of kitchen for hiking.

Actually, to call any integrated system a kitchen before wasn’t possible. It so happened that they were originally intended only for boiling water and pouring sublimates or tea. Due to the lack of smooth adjustment, the disproportionate shape of the dishes and too soft handle, it was possible to cook in them, but catastrophically inconvenient.

Especially when it came to pasta or porridge, cooking turned into non-stop watching the fire under the cauldron, which from time to time went out, and had to re-ignite it.

And because of the over-sensitivity of the control valve, at any attempt to increase the flame a little, a powerful torch flew out of the burner, and there was a risk of burning dinner.

The new Jetboil MiniMo has changed dramatically in our favour

The area of the gas supply control valve has been increased several times compared to previous models. This made it possible to get extremely smooth flame control. So now you do not have to do it precisely, but you can safely turn the valve without fear of extinguishing the burner or, conversely, or disturbing the flame. 

I have already mentioned the general advantages of the automatic valve in the review of Jetboil Sol Ti v2.0. In short, it provides a strong flame despite the air temperature and the amount of gas in the cylinder up to -6 ° C.

The valve in the new system makes a full four turns. It used to be two and a half. But the main difference is in the range of regulation. If you have any integrated system, you have probably noticed that the difference between the minimum and maximum flame is only a quarter of a revolution of the valve. And in Jetboil MiniMo the zone of influence was expanded almost to two full turns, that is increased in 8 (!) Times.

This feature of the new Jetboil has made it possible to prepare the most demanding dishes to a low flame, so all kinds of porridge, which, today, are the basis of the menu for tourists.

At the same time, the boiling rate of water for your favourite tea has not decreased at all. In just 2 minutes and 13 seconds after clicking the built-in piezo ignition, you will have half a litre of boiling water, consuming about 4 grams of gas.

The design of the handles has also undergone positive changes. They are now metal and attached to the bowl. Compared to the previous version – heaven and earth! With rigid handles, you can manipulate the whole system, for example, draining water from pasta, or supporting the system while mixing porridge, much more confidently and accurately.

To prevent the user from burning his hands on the hot metal, the manufacturer covered the handles with a protective layer.

If on a cold day, on the contrary, you want to warm your hands, the bowl can be taken for a short time with a neoprene cover. But as its height decreased, there was a risk of touching the hot metal.

In general, the cover now plays a single role – prevents excessive heat loss through the walls of the pot. And to remove it for washing is more difficult, than in other models, after all, for this purpose, it is necessary to dismantle the metal handles.

The shape of the aluminium cauldron in the Jetboil MiniMo has a ratio of diameter to height of about one, respectively, the food is heated more evenly, and reduces the likelihood of foo being burnt on the bottom, and not even ready at the top. In addition, this form makes it easier to mix dishes, because previously it required a long spoon or stick. It is much more convenient to eat from a cauldron, and, especially, to dig out the remains of food from corners, thanks to the same form.

At the bottom of the cauldron – a familiar radiator and holes for mounting to the burner. Note that, unlike the Jetboil Sol, there are only one pair of such holes. So, you have to turn the bowl in your hands, looking for the connection, for a second longer.

Inside the bowl are volume labels. If you fill the tank to the brim, we will have a little more than a litre of water. But you can boil 500-600 ml to avoid splashing.

The Jetboil Minimo cauldron lid has all the same advantages as its predecessor: a water drain hole, a drinking hole directly from the cauldron and the ‘correct’ fixing force.

A new feature is a space for transporting the stand under the cylinder. Previously, it was placed under the burner.

By the way, during transportation, all the parts, a spoon (like the Esbit FS18-TI) and a 100-gram gas cylinder with which one person can cook on a hike for three to four days are placed inside the cauldron.

If desired, you can put a larger cylinder (230 grams) in the bowl, but then the burner and other small items will have to be transported separately.

To prevent sharp parts from scratching the surface of the bowl, they should be placed in a soft case included in the kit.

Also in the kit, you will find a plastic cup, but do not rely on it. One or two hikes and it will fly to the dump: the plastic ids too fragile.

So far, everything looked almost fabulous, but it’s time to talk about the shortcomings.

The weight of the system is not super light. The complete set weighed 440 grams. That’s 125 more than the Sol Ti.

Smooth adjustment, in fact, is only available in calm weather. If the wind reaches the burner, it will easily extinguish a weak fire.

The deterioration of the quality of individual parts also affected the burner as a whole. Between the rack and the base of the burner, as well as between the rack and the top, you can see a noticeable shat. And, if it does not seem significant on the burner, it is only necessary to install a bowl, and in its upper part, the amplitude of oscillations will be already two centimetres! Previously, Jetboil could not afford this, even in the cheapest model Zip.

I do not know whether I got such a bad copy, or the brand failed to change the manufacturer, but I advise you to check everything in detail before buying in the store.

JetBoil MiniMo verdict

Jetboil has really taken a big step towards expanding the capabilities of integrated systems. But the strange decrease in quality had a very negative effect on my impressions of the novelty. Apparently, if I had met Jetboil for the first time, I would not have noticed anything, but I know well what this brand is capable of.

I ask myself: will the Jetboil MiniMo become my main burner? And, probably, I will answer it in the affirmative, because there is no alternative to it yet. But if I think of a derivative menu exclusively from sublimates, then, nevertheless, I do not exchange my tested Jetboil Sol Ti v2.0 for a novelty.


  • the first integrated system is designed for full cooking
  • extremely smooth flame control
  • the advantageous and convenient size of the bowl, super-reliable handles.


  • levelling the benefits of smooth regulation in strong winds, reducing the quality of production.

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